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Utah County Is The No. 1 Place Millennials Are Buying Homes

houses-691586_1280Although fewer millennials are becoming homeowners, young adults are still looking to buy property where homes are inexpensive and job opportunities are plentiful. Right now, the most popular location for millennials to buy houses is Utah County, the second most populous county in Utah and a part of the Salt Lake City metro area.

With a median home value of $229k, Utah County offers affordable housing prices in a suburban setting. Utah also has the fastest employment growth of all major US counties – at 6.7% in 2015.

These statistics come from a survey conducted by CoreLogic, a data analytics firm. CoreLogic ranked all counties with populations greater than 200,000 to find the top ten metro areas for millennial home buyers. Other top scorers were Weber County in Utah, Denver County in Colorado, Kent County in Michigan, and St. Louis County in Missouri.

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This news summary contains excerpts from the Fortune article dated March 3, 2016



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