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State Legislature Pursues Bill That Would Hinder Salt Lake City Historic Neighborhoods

victorian-house-712230_1920A proposed change to Salt Lake City’s historic neighborhood application process may make it more difficult for homeowners to preserve city history.

A committee in Utah’s House of Representatives unanimously approved HB223, a bill that will lay down more stringent requirements for neighborhoods seeking the citizen-driven historic district title. Because Salt Lake City is currently the only city in Utah with a citizen-initiated historic district process, many feel the bill places unfair restrictions on SLC communities.

Although the current process requires signatures from 15 percent of the people who live within the neighborhood’s boundaries, the new bill would require 33 percent. The bill would also change the approval number from 51 percent of respondents in a neighborhood poll to a two-thirds majority vote.

Some areas of Salt Lake City, such as Yalecrest, would immediately impacted. The Harvard-Yale neighborhood is currently seeking the historic district designation, which HB223 would make far more challenging.

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This news summary contains excerpts from the Deseret News article dated February 18, 2016



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