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More Buyers Than Homes Creates Utah’s Hot Housing Market

utahmarketUtah’s housing market is sizzling. Increased demand and limited housing have raised prices to their highest point since the great recession. Rising home values make the current market ideal for homeowners who are looking to sell.

The recent boom experienced in the housing sector in Utah has come as a shocker to many. Once a state known for its underwater mortgages, the current situation is one which would easily attract any real estate developer and housing firms. The number of households has increased at a high rate, creating a deficit of housing facilities. The outcome of this a rise in price for the scarcely available homes for sale or lease. The demand for houses is at its optimum and developers are reaping huge profits. That’s the Utah we do not know about.

Houses are floating and homeowners in Utah are happy. With equity rising, the state has emerged from being among the worst in underwater mortgages. Hope has been restored in the local housing market. Families are reclaiming their skin in the game as investors no longer control the rising demand. With current market rates, families are seeking homes and sellers are happily obliging with favorable selling prices.



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