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Employment Opportunities, Real Estate Market Attracts Job Seekers To Salt Lake City

After comparing cities throughout the US, Glassdoor named Salt Lake City as one of the 25 best U.S. cities for job seekers.

Salt Lake City was chosen because of its thriving economy and opportunities for employment. With multinational corporations, multiple call centers, and a thriving tech industry, professionals from all sectors can find jobs that fit their qualifications.


With a median home value of $234,400, Salt Lake City provides newcomers with affordable housing options in a fast paced market. In San Jose and San Francisco, which are also included in Glassdoor’s list, median home values fall at $957,000 and $806,000 respectively.

“These are smaller, midsize cities that have really great job markets that are growing,” Allison Berry, a Glassdoor spokeswoman, explained when asked to comment on the list. “The thing that’s standing out for us in the list is that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.”

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This news summary contains excerpts from the 10tv.com article dated May 18, 2016.

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