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Developers Lose Battle For South Salt Lake Property

boathouse-1161901_1920On March 21, Garbett Homes lost the battle for a planned community on the site of an old South Salt Lake high school.

Mayor Cherie Wood vetoed the proposed plan, and city council members were unable to come to a consensus on the issue. Many council members and residents were concerned about the Wal-Mart grocery store Garbett Homes wanted on the property.

Garbett Homes was surprised when the city council was unable to overrule Mayor Wood’s veto. Although most residents would prefer to see local businesses instead of box stores, Garbett Homes does not view them as a viable alternative. Their plan for the 13-acre property also included 78 homes and dedicated park space for community use.

The proposed deal, a $10.6 million contract for the Granite School District, is now dead. There are no alternative plans to redevelop the area.

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This news summary contains excerpts from The Salt Lake Tribune article dated March 21, 2016


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