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City Panel Approves Apartment Complex In South Temple

apartments-924786_1920After three previous attempts, Garbett Homes has been given permission to build a new complex in South Temple. The panel in charge of developing Salt Lake City’s historic districts felt the new plans meet city requirements and honor the character of the South Temple neighborhood.

When their third proposal was denied, Garbett Homes wanted to abandon the Hardison Apartments project. But with help from CRSA architects, the developer was able to scale down the size of their plans and incorporate more green space into their design. When they brought the revised proposal to the panel, city officials felt they had made significant improvements to their plans.

The Hardison Apartments will now have 77 units with one, two, and three bedroom apartments available for rent. Garbett Homes also plans to include 6 work-live units on the ground floor.

The community is thankful that Garbett Homes responded positively to public and government concerns. “We are desperate for housing,” said Chairman Michael Iverson. “We wish all developers were this mindful of the community and respectful of the history of the area.”

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This news summary contains excerpts from The Salt Lake Tribune article dated April 8, 2016.


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